Funny Interesting FactsEven though they may seem unbelievable to many, our world is just filled with things which are amusing and weird as well as true.

Below are some funny interesting facts which you will probably enjoy.

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  1. Myotonic goats also known as fainting goats are hilarious when they faint. Their muscles lock up when they get scared and they just fall over.
  2. A man ate one of every burger, 11 burgers @ 6370 calories on the Burger King menu in 24 minutes. Another man unrelated ate 3 kilos of bricks.
  3. The 1st time the iconic Liberty Bell was rung it cracked.
  4. There are 2 towns named Sandwich, 1 named Chicken and 1 named tea in the U.S.. The islands of Hawaii were once called the Sandwich Islands.
  5. What has a 4.5 foot long nose and a 3 foot wide mouth? The Statue of Liberty.
  6. A judge finds it unbelievable that a man arrested for drug possession is really named Edward Cocaine. He was arrested for possession of Xanax though.
  7. The state of Washington has an official dance, (the square dance). YeeeeeeHaaaaaw!
  8. When sick, plants can run a fever.
  9. Where is the only place you can stand in 4 states at 1 time in the U.S.? Four Corners Arizona.
  10. For a flamingo to eat, it’s head has to be upside down.
  11. It was a rule that no living person appear on a U.S postal stamp until September 2011 when the postal service announced that they would take suggestions for living people to be featured.
  12. A 10 year old grilled cheese sandwich with what some believe to have an image of the virgin Mary sold on eBay for $28,000.
  13. Three women dressed and portraying as nuns each packing 3 kilo’s of cocaine were arrested in Columbia’s caribbean island in May of 2013.
  14. Peculiar walking man busted. A burglar walking with his toes pointing out unusually far breaks into a business and steals $1500. Surveillance video showed a person with the same penguin style walk 4 days earlier whom wrote down his license plate number for the clerk. After pleading guilty to burglary and theft he was ordered time in jail, probation and ordered to pay back the money.
  15. A man with 76 previous convictions is in trouble again after requesting a van type taxi to transport his stolen goods.
  16. According to an article in a popular financial magazine, starting something stupid can turn your life from mediocre to thrilling and amazing, and put you right on track.
  17. In February 2013 a suspect in custody at Detroit’s St John hospital recovering from a gun shot wound sustained after being shot by police tried to escape through the ceiling of the hospitals bathroom but ended up stuck in the wall between the bathroom and the room he was supposed to be recovering in. Needless to say he ended up back in custody.
  18. Most Orange juice is yellow in color not orange. The natural color of most cheese is white not yellow. It’s often times colored yellow because that’s what people like to buy.
  19. At one time Ringling Bros Circus advertised having Big Bingo a 2 story elephant, the biggest brute that breathes.
  20. If you spelled out every one of the states in the United States the only letter you would never use is the letter Q.
  21. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer was originally called Best beer.
  22. People often have their tonsils removed. Did you know that if they’re dropped they can bounce as strongly as a bouncy ball?
  23. Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse.
  24. A turtle can breathe through it’s butt. Hahaha, Funny!
  25. In the North Pole, penguins do not exist.
  26. Major League Baseball requires that all the umpires working in the league must wear black underwear at every game.
  27. Moles have to eat every few hours or will starve to death.
  28. The Pileated Woodpecker is about the size of a crow, it pecks an average of about 12,000 times per day, it can peck away at about 20 times in one second and closes it’s eyes every time it pecks.
  29. Their were once restrictions against showing toilets on television.
  30. The old American sitcom television program Leave It To Beaver which originally aired from 1957-1963  is said to have been the very first TV program to show a toilet and even then they only got approved to show the top of the toilet tank, not the actual toilet bowl.
  31. All In The Family was another TV program popular in the United States in the 1970′s, it originally aired from 1971 to 1979 and was the very first TV program to air the sound of a flushing toilet.
  32. The Brady Bunch which was a show about a mother and father raising 6 children originally aired from 1969-1974. The whole family shared one bathroom which was shown often but it contained no toilet. Okay, enough about toilets on the funny interesting facts segment.
  33. In the Republic of Albania shaking your head no means yes and nodding your head yes means no. It’s a fact.
  34. Calvin Coolidge was the 30th president of the United States between 1923-1929, He played the harmonica and it’s said he enjoyed having vaseline rubbed into his scalp and forehead while eating breakfast in bed.
  35. Walt Disney was scared of mice. That’s funny!
  36. Before he was named Bugs Bunny, he was known as Happy Rabbit.
  37. Long ago in Japan they held contests to see who could fart the longest and loudest. The winner received gifts and high honors, and no, matches were not given out.
  38. A nicer way of speaking about Farting may be to say passing gas or flatulence.
  39. There was a court case where a surfer sued another surfer for stealing his wave. It was thrown out of court because the court said they didn’t know how to put a price on any pain and suffering damages received by the complainant who had to watch the other surfer ride away on his wave. Funny!
  40. Have you ever watched the movie Pulp Fiction? If yes, you may have noticed all the clocks in the movie were set to the time of 4:20.
  41. The comedian actor Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest and lost. That’s funny! Special thanks to the reader who pointed out to a spelling error on this one.
  42. Charlie Browns father was a barber. Charlie didn’t have enough hair to cut lol.
  43. As funny as it seems to some people, the old folklore of elephants being afraid of mice is only folklore. MythBusters did a segment on this theory and although the elephant turned when it saw the mouse, there were other factors that could have played a part in the elephants decision to turn away. If you’ve made it this far, you’re a funny interesting facts reading machine.
  44. The voice of Donald Fauntleroy Duck is the most recognized in all of cartoon characters. Yes Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntleroy lol.
  45. Less than 2 % of all the people in the world can lick their elbow.
  46. If you exclude the words North and South, each of the 7 continents begins with the same letter it ends with and besides Europe, they would all begin and end with the letter “A”. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Australia, and Europe.
  47. Because they’re made of cartilage it’s said that a persons ears and nose continues to grow throughout their lifetime. Because of the debates surrounding wether this is a myth or a fact we almost didn’t put this one on here but there is some scientific study claiming evidence and suggesting it is indeed fact.
  48. The most correct terminology for a pregnant goldfish is twit.
  49. 2 turtles that lived together and paired for approximately 115 years all the sudden can’t stand to look at each other. In June 2012 Bibi the female bit Poldi the male on the shell and ripped a piece off. It seems Bibi all the sudden wants to be single and live without Poldi.
  50. The Elf Owl is the smallest owl with many documented as weighing just under one ounce.
  51. Squirrels have thumbs. That just seems funny.
  52. Owls in a group are most widely known as a parliament, not a flock.
  53. In cards, the only king without a mustache is the king of hearts.
  54. You cannot lead a cow downstairs, but you can lead one upstairs. Mooo
  55. A starfish has no brain but a complex nervous system.
  56. Not only the fur of a tiger is striped, the skin is striped too.
  57. No two lions have the same whisker pattern.
  58. A gold fish can remember something for about 3 seconds. Reminds me of someone I know.
  59. Waynes World was filmed in two weeks. Interesting!
  60. Approximately 90% of all New York cities cab drivers are immigrants.
  61. The only animal that cannot jump with all legs off the ground is the elephant. At 8,000 to 27,000 pounds, no wonder.
  62. It was a dentist who invented the electric chair. That’s more scary than funny.
  63. Mickey Mouse was the first animated figure to win an oscar. Mickey is adorable and funny.
  64. Crocodiles cannot stick their tongues out.
  65. A butterfly tastes things with it’s feet or tarsi.
  66. Folding a standard rule or college rule piece of paper or smaller in half more than seven times is impossible. Try it!
  67. The wingspan of a 747 jet is longer than the wright brothers first flight flew in the air.
  68. Did you know the plastic pieces on the tips of shoe laces are called aglets.
  69. Most folks take only 7 minutes to fall asleep.
  70. If you squeeze your nose together where no air goes in or out, you can’t hum. Try it!
  71. For those of you that just tried the humming test on fact 68, you’ve gotta be laughing at yourself.
  72. Some of you just smiled thinking about fact number 69.
  73. You could use up to approximately 150 calories in one hour of head banging. Don’t try it though, you could get whiplash.
  74. The pressure created by a heart is sufficient to squirt the blood to a distance of up to 9 meters. That’s 27 feet.
  75. The soldiers of Alexander the Great were obligated to be clean shaven so that their enemies were not able to grab their beards.
  76. In a year, the average person in the U.S is said to make over 1100 phone calls.
  77. The rule of thumb phrase comes from the English law which in the past said that a man could not spank his wife with something that was wider than a thumb.
  78. If China’s population would walk past someone in a single line, the rate of reproduction is high enough to keep the line going forever.
  79. If a woman’s name is Mary it is against the law to be a prostitute in the city of Siena Italy. Otherwise, it’s perfectly legal as long as the brothel stays within the laws and rules of the government.
  80. Over 50% of all women would rather get a gift in the form of a trip instead of lingerie or jewelry.
  81. On average, the hearing of women is better than that of men but men are usually capable of reading smaller print.
  82. It’s said that the owners of over 90% of indoor dogs say their dog curls up beside them or at their feet while they watch TV.
  83. A whales penis is commonly called a dork.
  84. The speaker of the house of commons is not really there to speak, the speaker can call on others to speak their opinion and ensures rules are enforced but may not speak his own opinion and must remain politically impartial at all times.
  85. Did you know that Ketchup sometimes spelled catsup was sold as a (cure everything) type of medicine back in the 1830′s? Since tomatoes do contain antioxidants it makes some sense.
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